Welcome Letter


Welcome to Kindergarten



Dear New Kindergartner,


Hi!  My name is Mrs. Moss and I will be your kindergarten teacher at Maurice Hawk School this September!  I hope you’re enjoying your summer!  Have you been doing anything fun and exciting?  I can’t wait to meet you so I can hear all about it!  My summer has been going well and I’ve been busy getting things ready for the first day of school.  Being in kindergarten is the best!  There are many fun toys to play with, interesting things to learn, and new friends to meet!


On the first day of school (Thursday – September 6th), I’ll meet you in our classroom (room 201 Teddy Bear Lane).  It would be a great help if your mommy or daddy could make a nametag for you to wear as a necklace for the first 2 weeks of school.  It could be an index card (or other sturdy type of paper) attached to a ribbon or a piece of yarn.  On the tag, please write your first AND last name, my name, and the bus number you’ll be taking HOME.  If you are being picked up from school, rather than taking the bus, please have mom or dad write “WALKER” on the tag. 


I know you’re probably a bit nervous or anxious about starting kindergarten.  Do you want to know something?  Even I get a bit nervous on the first day of school!  You will soon make many new friends and will feel comfortable in no time.  To help you prepare for the big day, I have listed a few things to bring with you.


On the FIRST day of school, please bring:

  • a BIG smileJ
  • ·one family photo (no larger than 4x6, please), labeled with YOUR name on the back.  We will hang these photos in the classroom.  It’s always a little reassuring knowing our families are just a glance away!
  • a backpack big enough to hold a large library book and your snack bag/containers.  Please be sure your name is somewhere on/in it.  It would be great if you could practice opening and closing it before the beginning of school!
  • a NUT-FREE snack and drink.  You’ll need to bring a snack everyday.  Please practice opening your snacks over the summer!  We will not be purchasing milk until October so I will send home information regarding that a bit later.


On the SECOND day of school, please bring:

  • an 8-pack box of THICK washable markers
  • a 24-pack of MINI Crayola Twistables
  • 2 large glue sticks
  • 1 pack of baby wipes
  • 1 pack of Clorox wipes

Please have an adult label the crayon, marker, and glue stick packages with your name.  I will have a new pencil box waiting for you to hold everything.  These materials will be kept in the classroom for you to use each day. J


Once school begins, I will send home more information about our school lessons, days in which you’ll go to gym, library, and music, and all the other important information you’ll need to know.  I will also post an updated monthly newsletter on my webpage so mom and dad will know what you’ll be doing in school!


I am SO excited to meet you!  Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in September!



                                                                                 Mrs. Moss



If you are assigned to a bus, but mom or dad decide they are going to pick you up, I MUST have a written note from home…not an email.  Otherwise, I have to send you home on the bus.  This is effective from the first day of school to the last.  Thank you!!!