Student Welcome Letter

Oceans of Fun welcome to Grade One

                                                                                            August 2018

Dear First Grader,

 Hello and welcome to First Grade!  My name is Mrs. Burnett and I will be your teacher this year.  I cannot wait to begin our school year together!  We will learn many new things and create wonderful memories in our classroom, Room 301.

The first day of school will be Thursday,September 6th. Your first day of First Grade will be a full day of school.We will eat both a snack and lunch.  Please ask a family member to pack a healthy snack for you to eat during our whole class snack time.  We will eat lunch in the cafeteria on our first day.  You may bring lunch from home or buy lunch.  Your parents may check the school district web site for more information on our school cafeteria.

First graders are hard workers and they need supplies to do their jobs.  Please have your parents review the first grade supply list posted on my teacher website. These items can be brought in anytime during the first week of school. I would like to ask you to bring two other things with you on your first day and that is a photo of you from the summer and a favorite book to share with your classmates.  Please put your name in pencil lightly on the back of the photo. The photos will be returned to you later in the year. Photos are a great way for us to get to know each other.

We will have so much fun together this year but for the first few days we will be learning where things are in our school so I plan to take you on a tour.  You’ll find out how to buy lunch in our cafeteria.  I’ll show you where the art and music rooms are and we’ll even visit the playground! I will tell you all about my family and what I did over the summer. I love to go to the beach and visit new places. The thing I love most is reading and I hope you do too.  We’ll share some wonderful stories together this year. I can’t wait to hear about all the fun you've had this summer.

Look for me in September.  I am so excited to begin our wonderful year.

Your friend and teacher,

Mrs. Burnett