Class Mascot

        Meet Sammie the Sea Turtle, our very special class mascot!

Throughout the year, Sammie will have the chance to go home with every student for the weekend. We use our “Pick Me” sticks to decide who gets to take him home at the end of the week. He will travel in his very special traveling bag. In his bag, you will find a journal where your child can write about what they did with Sammie over the weekend and draw or add a picture above their writings. Please remind your child to use their best handwriting and try to do their best work! This journal will be placed in the Class Library so everyone can have a chance to read all the adventures Sammie has been on.

ammie loves doing anything that is fun! He loves reading books, taking naps, baking (especially cookies), eating dinner with the family, and going to the movies! He also LOVES to get his picture taken so he can show off all the things he gets to do over the weekends!

Please have your child write about their adventures together and add a drawing/photo to the journal. Remind your child to add details, use spaces, and stretch out sounds for words they don’t know how to spell. The students will share their experiences with Sammie on the following Monday.

Being a pet owner is a serious job. Please read the special care instructions below with your child.

1.   Do not put Sammie in water. Even though he is a sea turtle, he likes to stay dry.

2.   Sammie loves hugs and kisses but does not enjoy rough play or falling on the ground.

3.   Sammie would be lonely and sad at home on Monday if he did not come back to school with your child. Please be sure that Sammie comes back to school on MONDAY.

4.   Sammie loves to have fun! Please take him out and about with you and your family, so he doesn't get sad over the weekends.

Thank you and have a great time with Sammie!