Here are a few details about our lunch procedures.

Town Center students may purchase lunch and/or milk, or they may bring lunch from home. The cost of a full lunch is now $2.65. 

Each student will use their own lunch ID number to purchase items from the cafeteria. Money can be put into the account online or via a check sent into school with your child. Each time they make a purchase it will be deducted from their account. Families are encouraged to check their lunch accounts regularly so a child does not have to charge. Please practice with your child their lunch ID number as they will need to use it starting the first day of school.

Please see the District web site for more information.


Our snack time will be mid-morning. Please provide your child with a healthy snack daily. This may be fruit, crackers and cheese, cheese sticks, pretzels, half a sandwich etc. Please send snacks to school in a lunch bag or box to keep it safe and accessible.