Welcome Letter & Supply List

Let’s get the year off to a SUPER start! Please bring the following school supplies with you on the first day!      

  1. One hard plastic rectangular shaped pencil case  (dimensions: 8 X 5 X 2 inches)
  2.  One box of 812 colored pencils
  3.  Four marbleized hardcover notebooks (binding sewn, white pages)  *No   spiral notebooks*
  4.  One 1inch binder (NOT halfinch please)
  5.  One package of loose leaf dividers – 8 tabs please
  6.  One SOFT backpack/ book bag WITHOUT WHEELS  
  7.  Eight packages of 3x3 postit notes (If possible, PLEASE not PostIt brand)
  8.  One box of 10 fine line markers
  9.  One box of 24 crayons
  10.  Two large glue sticks
  11.  Box of 24 pencils
  12.  Loose Leaf Paper  
  13.  Two large boxes of tissues for the classroom
  14.  4 pack of Expo markers *PLEASE NO NEON
  15.  Pair of scissors
  16.  Pack of 2 highlighters
  17.  One family photograph for the classroom Family Tree Bulletin Board

(Be prepared to share with classmates what makes your family special)