Star of the Week

We will be beginning our Star of the Week program in October.  One student is chosen for that week and he/she is given a chance to fill out an “All About Me Poster” at home. This poster includes details, such as a few of his/her favorite things, facts about him/her, and a picture of the student.  This program will give each student a chance to feel special and important. It will also help build a positive classroom environment.

MONDAY ~ Share Poster
Please return the "All About Me" poster to school. Your child will receive this poster from the teacher the week before he/she is Star of the Week. The poster will be displayed on a class bulletin board and be returned at the end of the week. Your child will be able to practice being an effective communicator by talking about his/her poster to the class and answering questions from classmates. 

TUESDAY ~ Name Cheer
The students will follow the chart below in celebrating the name of the Star of the Week.
Say it!
Cheer it!
Count it! How many letters?
Clap it! How many syllables?
Fix it! (the letters of the name will be scrambled and the students will work together to unscramble it)

Your child will bring in a book that he or she enjoys to share with the class and the teacher will read it aloud. 

THURSDAY ~ Teacher Helper
Your child will be the teacher's special assistant for the day. 

FRIDAY ~ "I Like You Because..." book
The class will brainstorm ideas of what makes your child special. The students will create a book for your child to take home. This will be the culminating activity for the week for the Star for the Week. 

*The student’s parent(s) will also be invited to come in one day for 10 to 15 minutes during that week and be a Guest Reader. This will be a chance for the child's parent(s) to read one of their child's favorite book. The week before the child's Star of the Week, the poster and more information about the times available to come in to be a Guest Reader will be sent home.