Welcome to Room 17!

August 2017

Dear Second Grader,

Welcome to Room 17! I have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming school year, and look forward to meeting all of your smiling faces. As a second grader, you will have many new and exciting experiences and responsibilities. Be sure that you are ready to conquer these new adventures each day by getting a good night’s sleep. Please remember to eat breakfast each morning, and bring a healthy snack each day. They will keep you energized and ready to learn!

Room 17 is located on Turtle Road, next to many other second grade classrooms. The first day of school is a full day on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Please bring a snack and a lunch or be prepared to buy lunch. All the second graders will meet in one spot on the first day. Helpers will tell you where to go when you arrive. I will come to meet you and take you to our room.     

To prepare for the first day, please take a look on my webpage for the second grade supply list. In addition to those supplies, I would like you to also bring in:    

  • 1 scissor labeled with child’s name
  • 2 erasers
  • 8 thin Crayola Markers

To get to know one another, I would also like you to bring in a picture that is special to you to share with the class. Try to pick one that shows you in a special place, with special people or doing something special. We will be posting this picture up in our classroom for the school year.

      This year is going to be filled with fun, learning and friends! Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.


Mrs. McCormick