What it is Like to be an 8 Year Old

Making the most of third-grade- What is it like to be an 8-year old?

*Outgoing, energetic and all over the map!
*Expanding ideas, vocabularies and circle of friends.
*Interested in everything, often many different things at the same time.
*Imaginations are working over-time.
*Need lots of healthy outdoor activities to release energy.
*May give up easily, but bounce back with abundant enthusiasm.
*Likes to make own decisions when given appropriate choices.
*Tests limits and boundaries.
*Limited attention span and often take on more than they can handle.
*Need help breaking tasks into smaller activities so they can feel success.
*Likes to be in groups, mostly of own gender.
*Is productive and cooperative in groups.
*Learns by talking and doing.
*Starting to form larger friendship circles.
*May feel inadequate if something goes astray.
*Strong sense of fairness.
*May be a large difference in size and abilities at this age.
*Needs guidance and rules.
*Needs help in solving problems.
*May need help expressing their feelings.
*Increased ability to remember information.
*Tends to see things in "black and white," "right and wrong" or "fun and boring"--there is no middle ground.
*Learning to plan ahead and evaluate what they do.
*Increased ability to reason.
*Has great courage.
*Can be a bit clumsy.
*Growth spurt may occur.
*Fine motor control improves- handwriting improves.
*If child loses interest, may be a sign that he/she is overwhelmed or bored.
*Fond of team games, comics, movies, television, adventures and collections.
*Are competitive with peers-- want to be the best, the fastest or the first!
*Becoming independent, but seek adult approval.
*Can attend to and follow multi-step directions.
*Can be impatient and critical of self and others.
*Needs games, projects and crafts that bring small and large muscles together

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