Celebrating Birthdays

In our classroom, birthdays are very important! We also celebrate them in a very special way. Instead of snacks and treats, we use a Birthday Book. This is a book selected by the birthday child's family, and is brought to school to be read aloud to the class. After the read aloud, each of the birthday child's classmates will sign the book. The book will then stay in our classroom so it can be enjoyed by all of the students. At the end of the year, each child will bring home his or her Birthday Book!

The Birthday Book read aloud can be done in three different ways:
1. The birthday child can read it to the class
2. Miss Borup can read it to the class
3. A family member can read it to the class (If you choose this option, please email Miss Borup (Kelsey.Borup@ww-p.org) with available dates and times.