Word Study

Class: Individual sort 
HW: Sort and record in NB

Class: Blind sort with partner

HW: Speed Sort

Class: Open sort or Word Hunt
HW: Study Sheet

Class: SAW Activity


Written Sort
Word cards are sorted, and the finished sort is written down in the Word Study Notebook.


Blind Sort
With a partner, decide who is going to be the caller and the writer. The writer writes the key words as headers in their Word Study Notebook. The caller reads each word aloud without letting the writer see the word. The writer writes the word in the correct column. Switch roles after completing the sort.


Speed Sort
The goal of this sort is to sort the words in the shortest amount of time. Begin with your key words as headers, and then sort the words and time yourself, using a stopwatch or the second hand of a watch or clock. When you finish, record your time and check your sort. Complete the activity again by resorting and timing yourself to see if you can beat your time. Record again in your word study notebook.


Word Hunt
Look for new words that are not on your spelling list that would fit into the different sorting categories.  Use your just-right books, your own writing, or charts around the room. Find a minimum of 10 words with at least 1 word in each category.


Open Sort
Sort your words in a new and different way. Record your new headings and sorted words in your Word Study Notebook.
Examples: number of syllables, ends with a vowel/no vowel, one vowel letter/two vowel letters, endings (ing, ed, s), number of letters, abc order, nouns/verbs, animal, vegetable, mineral, etc.


This stands for Sort, Alphabetize, Write.  Word cards are sorted, then alphabetized within each category, then the finished sort is written down.