Supply List

Ms. Koney's Third Grade Student Supply List

picture of you and your family

3 black and white marble composition notebooks (100 pages)

5 sturdy plastic two pocket folder for homework

1 pencil case

1 glue stick

Earbud headphones (sent in a Ziploc bag labeled with student’s name)

2-24 packs of sharpened pencils

3 packages of 3x3 sticky notes (will be shared as a class)

1 set of colored pencils

1 set of crayons

1 scissor

2-3 boxes of tissues (or more, we go through them!)

2-containers of natural, unscented cleaning wipes (No Clorox, Lysol, or cylinder containers)

At least 2 BLACK fine point dry erase markers (will be shared as a class)

1 sharpie marker

1-2 rolls of tape (will be shared as a class)

Art Smock