Welcome Letter to Students

Dear Third Graders,

I bet you are really excited about beginning a new year. I am too.  I am eager to meet you and to spend the school year learning together and making new friends. We will have a great time with excellent science units and our interesting social studies curriculum. I know you are ready to explore new math concepts, read challenging books and write for many purposes.

On the first day of school, please bring a brown paper bag with about 5 items that tell about you and your interests.  For example, you may bring pictures, something related to a hobby or sport, or a souvenir from a special occasion or vacation.  We will share our special items with each other during the first week of school. I will be bringing items too!

To help us get prepared for learning, you’ll need the supplies listed below. Please bring these in the first week of school we can set up our class routines quickly.

picture of you and your family

3 black and white marble composition notebooks (100 pages)

5 sturdy plastic two pocket folder for homework

1 pencil case

1 glue stick

Earbud headphones (sent in a Ziploc bag labeled with student’s name)

2-24 packs of sharpened pencils

3 packages of 3x3 sticky notes (will be shared as a class)

1 set of colored pencils

1 set of crayons

1 scissor

2-3 boxes of tissues (or more, we go through them!)

2-containers of natural, unscented cleaning wipes (No Clorox, Lysol, or cylinder containers)

At least 2 BLACK fine point dry erase markers (will be shared as a class)

1 sharpie marker

1-2 rolls of tape (will be shared as a class)

Art Smock

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  I can’t wait to meet you in September.  We are going to have a great year together.

Your new teacher,

Ms. Koney