Welcome Letter

¡Hola, amigo/amiga!

We are so excited to be your teachers this year! We will do so many exciting things, like build with blocks, paint, sing, create things, write, share, and read lots of great books!  We know that we will have fun together in room 303.

Here are some things that you need to remember for school:

 ·       Wear a name tag labeled with the bus number that takes you home.

·         Learn the number of the bus that takes you home.

·         Bring in a drink for snack time during the first few weeks. You will be able
     to buy milk later in September if you would like.

·         We provide the snacks at school, so you do not need to bring any food.

We will be giving you a special folder to use for important papers, so make sure your backpack is big enough to hold a folder.

We can't wait to meet you!

Your teachers,

Señora Koekemoer and Señorita Sanic