Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays will be celebrated in class on your child’s birthday.  If your child’s special day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will celebrate on the preceding Friday or following Monday.  Should your child’s birthday take place during the summer, we will celebrate their birthday in June before we finish our school year. 

If your child will be celebrating with a private party as well, I ask that invitations be mailed home or distributed in class only if the entire class is invited.

Birthday parties will no longer be celebrated at Hawk with food due to a change in the district food policy.  We can discuss alternative modes of celebration if you are interested such as a small craft or just sending in a small item for the students such as a pencil, pen, bookmark, stickers, etc.  You can also donate a book to our classroom library in honor of your child. Your child will be able to give a short book talk or share with our class their favorite passage.

I appreciate your support and understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Jack - 13th 
Alexandra - 28th 

Koustav - 7th
Mrs. Witkowski - 27th


Iris - 3rd
Rohan - 16th

Mason - 20th 


Harrison - 22nd 

Daniella - 2nd
Aryn - 17th
Aiden - 20th

Meylena - 3rd
Thomas - 16th 
Aadya - 31st


Anita - 22nd
Ishaan - 25th
Kavin - 27th
Avneet - 28th

Samuel - 9th