Student Websites

Math Websites:
IXL Math
        *** covers a wide range of second grade math topics

        *** addition, subtraction, multiplication practice

Aplus Math
        ***  covers a wide range of second grade math topics (games, flashcards, worksheets, printables)

Jump Start
        *** math related games and activities

Harcourt Math
        *** various math programs that have games and activities

        *** math manipulatives

Count Us In
       *** math games designed for basic understanding of math concepts

Fun Brain
       *** math games

Cool Math 4 Kids
       *** math games and brain teasers

Brain Pop
        *** multi-curriculum site

Language Arts Websites:

Sadlier-Oxford Phonics
        *** phonics games

Sadlier-Oxford Grammar
        *** grammar practice, proofreading, games and activities

        *** punctuation, capitalization, proofreading, sentence building games

Fun Brain
        *** spelling and grammar games

Story Place
         *** stories, reading lists, printables
        *** stories, riddles, poetry, tongue twisters

Spelling City
        *** enter your spelling words and play games, create flashcards and learn definitions

Brain Pop
        *** multi-curriculum site