Class Mascot: Puddleton


Meet Puddleton the pig, our very special class mascot! Throughout the year, Puddleton will have the chance to go home with every student for the night or weekend. He will travel in his very special “Puddleton-friendly” traveling bag. In his bag, you will find a journal in which your child can write a letter to the class about what he or she did with Puddleton over the weekend and draw or add a picture.

Please remind your child to use his/her best handwriting and do his/her best work when writing in Puddleton's journal. Remind your child to add details, use spaces, and stretch out sounds for words he/she does not know how to spell. The student can share his/her experiences with Puddleton for their Morning Meeting share that week if they choose to. This journal will be placed in the Class Library so everyone can have a chance to read all the adventures that Puddleton has been on.


Puddleton loves doing anything that is fun! He loves spending time with students, planting flowers, singing songs, going for walks, taking naps, cooking, baking (especially brownies), eating dinner with the family, talking on the phone to his pig relatives, reading books, and going to the movies! He also LOVES to get his picture taken so that he can show off all the things he gets to do at night and over the weekends!

Puddleton will go home each afternoon and must be brought back to school the very next day.

Being a pet owner is a serious job. Please read the special care instructions below with your child.

1. Make sure Puddleton stays dry. He does NOT like to be put in or near water. 

2. Make sure you are gentle with Puddleton. Puddleton loves gentle hugs and kisses, but he does not enjoy rough playing or falling on the ground.

3. Make sure you keep Puddleton clean. Even though he is a pig, he does not like mud. You can wash your hands and body to clean off, but remember: Puddleton does not like water! Please keep him away from messes. (For example, if you bake brownies with him, he would want to stay away from the brownie batter.)

4. Please make sure to bring Puddleton back to school with you the next day. He would be lonely at home by himself! He would also be lonely if he were left on a bus.

5. Puddleton loves to have fun. Please take him out with you and your family so that he doesn't get sad at night or over the weekend. Remember to be responsible for Puddleton so you do not accidentally leave him somewhere.

Thank you, and have a wonderful time with Puddleton!