Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring on the first day of school?

Please have your child bring their school supplies, which can be found in the tab on the left called "Supply List." Your child will need lunch (or lunch money) and a healthy snack. Please pack lunch and snack separately. In my welcome letter, I also asked the children to bring in a family photo. We will share our photographs during our first week together. Most importantly, please send your child to school with the 2 completed Back to School documents which you should have received in the mail. They can also be found by clicking the “Welcome Letters & Back to School Documents” link on my webpage.

What is the best way to reach you?

E-mail is the fastest and easiest way to reach me. My computer is on all day long, and I check my e-mail several times during the day. My e-mail address is: marla.fruhling@ww-p.orgAlso, feel free to send notes into school with your child. If something is urgent, please contact the main office, and someone will get in touch with me.

I highly recommend signing up for getting class text message reminders. I use the Remind App to send text messages to families. You do not need to download any apps to subscribe to these text messages. Simply text @fruhling to the number 81010 to receive messages from me. You can reply directly to the messages to contact me as well. However, if you are texting me during school hours, I will respond after school. I don't always get a chance to check my phone during lunch.

May I e-mail you if I am changing my child's dismissal procedure?

Whenever possible, it is preferred that you send in a note with your child in the morning if you are changing dismissal procedures for the day. I understand that sometimes these changes are last minute. In the event that you attempt to e-mail me to notify me of a dismissal change for your child, I ask that you make sure that I respond confirming that I have received your e-mail. I may not have enough time to check my email. If you do not receive an e-mail reply from me by 12:00 PM, please call the office at 609-716-5425 to relay the information.

Is it okay to hand out birthday party invitations in the classroom?

Students may only pass out birthday invitations in the classroom if all students in class are being invited to the party. Otherwise, invitations should be mailed outside of school. This helps to prevent hurt feelings. You may use the Class Phone Book (to be distributed in the beginning of the year) for addresses. Feel free to reach out to me if you need another copy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Will my child’s birthday be celebrated at school?

Yes, your child’s birthday will be celebrated at school. If your child’s birthday falls on a weekend, we will celebrate in class on the Friday prior to/the Monday after your child’s birthday. According to the school district’s food policy, we are not able to have birthday celebrations with food. However, on your child's birthday, he/she will celebrate with a special birthday-themed Morning Meeting. If your child would like to send goodie bags into school, he or she may send in small, non-edible treats such as pencils, erasers, bookmarks, or stickers.

What books should my son/daughter be reading at home?

Each child knows his/her "just right" reading level. Children should be selecting "just right" books to read at home. If you would like some help with finding just right books, click on the link “Just Right Books” on my website, or visit this webpage:

With that being said, students are READERS and not a READING LEVEL. That means that your child might be reading books from more than one different level/letter. Your child may also find books within his or her level that are too easy, too hard, or just right. As long as your child usually reads "just right" books, it's OK to read some that are a little too easy or hard sometimes. When possible, support your child with the books that are too challenging by talking about them. The best discussion questions are questions that can be applied to any book. For example, try a question like, "What traits does the main character have and how do you know?" instead of, "Where is Harry Potter going to school?"

Will my child have homework?

Yes, every night your child will have homework. See more about specific homework assignments and my homework philosophy by clicking on the "Homework" tab on the left. If students do not complete work on time in class, I may send home un-finished work to be completed as needed. 

When children are sick, I do not expect them to complete any homework that day. I will catch your child up with any missed assignments at school. Your child should just focus on getting well!

What do the symbols on my child’s work mean?

When I review student work, I write different symbols on it for your child. Work with a short message (like “super” or “good job”), a smiley face, or a star can stay home.

I use the symbol “F/R” on work that needs more attention. “F/R” stands for either “fix and return” or “finish and return.” Sometimes I will circle questions that need to be corrected or finished on these papers. Other times, your child will be responsible for finding the error. Your child is responsible for correcting these papers and returning them to school so that I can review them again.

If I notify you that my child will be absent, do I need to call Tele-Safe?

Yes, always call Tele-Safe to report an absence, even if you have notified me that same day or in advance. Tele-Safe is our official school method for keeping track of absences. It helps to ensure that all children are safe and accounted for. Please call 716-8330 and choose the option for Tele-Safe.

What do I need to know about lunch and snack?

Please click the links "Snack" or "Lunch Menus" on the left side of my website for more information. You will find lunch menus and appropriate snacks to bring to school.

Click on the tab on the left called "Lunch Menus" to see the WW-P Food Services webpage for more information about buying lunch.