Just Right Books

Your child knows which levels he or she should be checking out. Here are some links you can use to find quality books (most of which are leveled):
Book List # 1
Book List # 2
- Book List # 3
- Book List # 4

Use these helpful tips to help your child pick just right books at home or at the public library when he/she reads! Usually, your child should be reading "Just Right" books, especially if he/she is reading alone. However, it is okay to read books that are classified as "Too Hard" together with your child sometimes; just make sure to discuss the book with your child as you read. Discuss the events in the story, the characters, the themes, and the lessons of the story. Similarly, sometimes, books classified as "Too Easy" can also be used to develop your child's confidence and fluency skills. 

Too Easy

  • The book does not hold your child's attention.
  • There are no challenging words for your child.
  • The book does not help your child grow as a reader.

Just Right
  • ‚ÄčThe book is interesting.
  • Your child knows most of the words. This can be checked by using the 5 finger rule.
  • Your child wants to read more on the topic.
  • Your child feels comfortable when he/she reads.
  • Your child can understand and discuss the story/topic.

Too Hard

  • The book is so long that your child might not stay interested.
  • The are too many new words.
  • There is nobody to help your child read the book.
  • It is too hard for your child to understand and discuss the story/topic.

5 Finger Rule