Writing & Spelling

  Writing Workshop 
Building on individual experiences and abilities, the writing workshop is a yearlong K-8 spiraling curriculum in which students receive instruction in narrative, expository, informational, poetic, and procedural writing techniques.
  1. Essential skills of writing taught through mini lessons, scaffolds, and studying exemplar texts:  (focus, detail, structure, insight, and control of conventions) 
  2. Students build stamina through daily writing.  They select an idea and then develop drafts through stages of planning, drafting, rereading, revising, editing, publishing and celebrating. 
  3. Parents are invited to Author Shares throughout the year to celebrate their child's progress.


Word Study Workshop 
Every two weeks word lists are given on Mondays.  Students work in group activities in class to develop mastery in recognizing spelling patterns.  High frequency word lists, synonyms and expanding vocabulary is emphasized.  On line activities are encouraged and often assigned to supplement the work in class.

Use Spelling City   and Front Row to practice your words.