A Note About Allergies

A Note About Allergies

     Based on policy set by the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District concerning food allergies, parents of children who are anaphylactic to a food are required to bring in a safe snack that can be housed in the nurses's office freezer or the classroom for the allergic student to consume in the event that an anticipated or unanticipated celebration occurs during the school day. The allergic student is only permitted to eat the snack that is brought/sent in by his or her parent. No outside food is permitted to be served to a child with an allergy that could cause anaphylaxis.

No faculty member or classroom helper is authorized to make the determination whether a food is safe or unsafe for an allergic child. That determination can only be made by the parent of the allergic child during school hours.

It is for the safety of the students that this policy is strictly enforced. Therefore no outside food will be served to a child with an allergy that could cause an anaphylactic reaction to occur.

With this in mind here are the guidelines we will use in our classroom in order to be sensitive to the needs of children with food allergies during class parties:
  • You will be notified of class parties via my online monthly newsletter and/or online monthly calendar. 

  • You will be asked to send in a treat you deem safe for your child's consumption.

  • Due to the policy listed above and for your child's safety, if no treat is sent from home, we are unable to give them anything to eat.
The parties our class will be hosting throughout the year are: 

Class Parties:  We will have class parties for Halloween, Winter Celebration, Valentine's Day, and End of the Year. If you want to know what is being served at these parties, you can contact the room parent before each party. 

It works out best for your child if you send safe back-up treats in ahead of time for me to keep in the classroom or treats baked ahead that can be kept in the nurse's freezer and thawed out the day of the party just in case. I never want any child to feel left out.

Please email me if you have any further questions.