Monthy Newsletter




Dear Parents,

I can't believe it's May already!  Maybe because winter hung on too long and all of a sudden we're warming up to summer temperatures or maybe because this school year is going by very quickly.  I do know for certain that the kids have spring fever and an overabundance of energy with non-stop talking! Wow!


It seems we have quite a few students with green thumbs!  Their grass seeds really took off!  The kids were very happy to take them home and find a sunny spot in a window or in your lawn to place them.  We then moved along to our bean seeds.  They observed the seeds using a hand lens and marked their observations in their seed journals.  They then placed these seeds on a wet towel and placed the towel and seed in a Zip-loc bag.  The bags were hung on our classroom window.  The children were very excited about the new root system and sprouts that formed.  Once again, observations were made and logged into their journals.  They recently planted these seeds in soil. They check in on them daily for any new growth.  These bean plants will be sent home soon:)

Reader’s Workshop
The children are continuing to work on their Non-Fiction Reading unit. If you missed the information regarding this unit last month, I've included it here: The children are very interested in the non-fiction books that are available to them in the classroom. During this unit, they will be noting various characteristics of non-fiction books such as the glossary, the index, the magnified photographs, and the fun-fact pages.  When reading with their partners, they will be teaching them about some interesting facts they've just read.  Please be sure your child is using an array of reading strategies (in order to decode unknown words) as he/she reads with you at home.  By now, your child should be: using the pictures as cues, using the letter sounds in the unknown word and attempt to sound the word out, looking for small words or chunks within the word to help with decoding, and/or skipping the word and reading the words around the unknown word to see what might make sense. 

Writer's Workshop

The children will continue to work on their All-About Books - If you missed the information regarding this last month, I've included it here: The children are asked to generate topics in which they feel they are an expert.  They must know at least 4 facts about this topic and add a variety of pages to make their books more interesting:
*Diagram” Page - Drawing a picture of the topic and labeling it.
*”Types-Of” Page - Drawing a picture of the different "types-of" subjects -for example: dogs.
*“Fun Fact” Page - Writing a fun and interesting fact the reader may be surprised to learn.
*“Zoom-In” Page - Drawing a close-up of a specific part of an illustration - for example: a bee's stinger.
*“About the Author” Page - Writing a short blurb about him/herself as a budding author!


The children will be using manipulatives to subtract.

The children had a lot of fun creating parachutes for Jack to reach the ground safely from that tall beanstalk!  There were some very interesting creations!  Each child took his/her turn dropping their parachute (and a Lego Jack) from a short ladder.  We counted out the number of seconds it took to hit the ground. We decided that the higher the number, the safer the parachute.  I hope your child shared with you how his/her parachute made out! 

Mother's Day

The children have been working tirelessly on some special gifts and surprises for you, mom!  Your bag of goodies went home on Friday.  The kids were super excited to go home and hide the bag from you so I'm hoping the gifts made their way home and are not on a bus, at another day care center or at EDP!  Have a wonderful Mother's Day!  I hope you're treated to some well-deserved pampering, cooperation, and peace!!  Enjoy!

Have a great month!

Kim :)