Monthy Newsletter



Dear Parents,


Happy October!  The children have had a busy September (well…14 days!) and are looking forward to a new month and new units of study!  We’ve been settling into a routine and are getting to know each other more and more each day! I hope your child is enjoying his/her time in kindergarten so far! Here’s what your kindergartner will be doing at Maurice Hawk this month: 

Reader’s Workshop

I have completed my reading assessments with each of the children and have a good grasp of where they are (right now) as readers.  The children will soon be getting their own book baggies (to be kept at school) later this month and will select 7-10 books on their own reading levels to store in their baggies.  Each week, they will select a new set of titles.  The children will practice reading with their reading partners.  Some ways readers read with their partners are back to back, hip to hip, see-saw reading (children alternate reading pages), piggy back (one child points under the words; their partner puts his/her finger on top of their partners and follows along), and one voice (children read the book aloud together). Discussing “wow” pages (pages that are really interesting to the reader) with partners helps the children feel comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas about books. 

Writer’s Workshop

The children have been working on building strong writing muscles during our writer’s workshop and, I must say, I’m impressed with how long we’ve been able to write uninterrupted!  We’re up to 13 minutes…an eternity to some 5 and 6 year olds!!  We are referring to this as their writing stamina.  They each have a writing folder in which they are storing their own personal “stories.”  They’ve been asked to label the pictures and, if able, write sentences to tell what their picture is about.  They also have a writing journal in which we’re writing weekend updates.  I have asked them to constantly be thinking about new ideas they can write about! J I’ll share their work with you at our conference.


The children will continue our unit on number sense.  They’ve been working in partnerships, playing games, writing numerals, and counting using one-to-one correspondence.  They’ve also been using five and ten frames to accurately count.  The children will also work on sorting objects into categories.  They should be able to tell me why and how they sorted these objects.  Identifying, creating, and comparing 2-D shapes will also be a part of our math unit this month.


Our science theme will revolve around seasonal topics such as pinecones, acorns, pumpkins, spiders, and bats.  We’re also going to try our hand at baking as we plan on making apple tarts to get us into the fall spirit! These will be sent home for the children to eat at your discretion. For our next STEM activity, the children are going to celebrate Christopher Columbus by designing and creating boats that must have a mast and stay afloat while supporting 5 pennies.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Classroom Jobs

There are no free rides in kindergarten!  Everyone does their share in keeping our classroom running smoothly so classroom jobs are in full swing. These are the jobs your child will hold by the end of the school year (we change jobs monthly):

Line leader, door holder, thumbs-up person, calendar helper, electrician, sticker passer, paper passer, book returner, Yahoo helper, library keeper, classroom materials keeper, and odd and ends.  Milk helpers will be the biggest draw, I’m guessing, as the children will be allowed to walk to the cafeteria each day to get our milk order.  Even if your child does not order milk, this job will be made available to him/herJ 

Classroom Pet

As I mentioned on Back to School Night, we have a classroom pet that each child will be allowed to take home for the weekend!  Don’t worry….it’s only a stuffed animal so he’s very low maintenance!  His name is Plopper and he’s a cute little pup.  Every Friday, I will pull a name out of a box and the lucky winner will take Plopper home for the weekend.  Plopper will arrive in a backpack.  Contained in the backpack will be Plopper’s journal.  Your child will be asked to draw (and write, if possible) about his/her weekend events with Plopper.  Only one page per weekend/child, please.  Plopper will also come with a pouch of crayons and pencils, as well as books he’d like to have read to him.  Plopper should be returned the next school day so his adventures can be shared with the class and so I have time to wash Plopper before sending him home the following weekend.  The kids usually love Plopper.  I’m sure your child will come off the bus smiling when it’s his/her time for Plopper’s sleepover!  He’s already had some fun adventures!


The children will be able to order milk starting this month.  If you’d like your child to order milk, please check the “Milk” tab on my webpage for the procedures for ordering.  Please do not forget to include the type of milk you’d like your child to receive: 1% white, skim white, 1% chocolate.

Conferences and Early Dismissal Days

It was very nice meeting you at Back to School Night and I’m looking forward to speaking with you during our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences!  On October 18th, 19th,  22nd, and 23rd  there are “early dismissal” days. I will be in the classroom until school ends at 1:15 and will meet with some of you after the children are dismissed.  Those 4 days are considered Early Dismissal days for the entire school.  On Early Dismissal days, the AM class schedule is NOT altered and the children will come and leave at their normal time (8:45am-11:30am).  However, the PM class will have an altered schedule.  They will attend school at Hawk from 10:30am-1:00pm.  If your PM child attends an after-school program, they will be transported there, as usual.  If your PM kindergartner attends a program before coming to Hawk, the school will still transport your child at the appropriate time. You can find more info regarding Early Dismissal days and Delayed Openings either in the packet I sent home with you on Back to School Night or on the district website.  On the 24th, I will be out of the classroom all day to conference with the remaining batch of parents.  I will have a substitute in the classroom on that day and the children will come to school as per their normal schedule. Please do not email any changes in bussing routines on that day as I will not be checking my email for most of the day and the substitute will not have access to my emails either.

***If you are a parent to a PM kindergartner, you may want to contact the transportation department to see what time the bus will pick your child up at his/her bus stop on those days.

Book Fair

Scholastic books is coming to Maurice Hawk during the week on October 8th!  Each class will have the opportunity to peruse the books offered for purchase during their regularly scheduled library day.  Therefore, they will NOT be coming home with a library book that day. The AM will go on Friday, October 12th from 10:05-10:35am.  The PM will go on Wednesday, October 10th from 1:45-2:15pm.  You are welcome to meet us in the “small gym” during your child’s time to help him/her select a book(s).  If you are unable to come, you can send money in with your child, and a parent helper will help your child choose a book.  If you are sending money in, please follow this procedure:

  • Put the money in a sealed envelope or zippy bag.  Parents typically send in $5-$10 dollars. 
  • Write your child’s name on the envelope or zippy bag.
  • Write the dollar amount for the money you’re sending in on the front of the envelope/zippy bag.
  • Place the envelope/zippy bag in your child’s communication folder.

*** You are under NO obligation to send money in or attend this event.  It is totally voluntary!

Halloween Festivities

More information regarding this will be sent home to you once we have final approval from the principals regarding our sing-along/party.


Thanks so much for the kind emails and your supportJ   Have a great month!!

 Kind Regards,

Kim Moss