Monthy Newsletter



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Dear Parents,

We are getting closer to spring!  Hopefully the leaves will begin popping out on trees and things will start looking a little greener outside.  However, so far March is feeling much colder than February!

Reader’s Workshop

Avid Readers Unit

The children have been AVID readers – at least that’s what we’ve been calling ourselves!  We read anywhere and anything (hopefully)!  We’ll be creating reading “play dates” by playing teacher, doing snap word hunts in books, reading with one voice, etc.  They will also think about and react to non-fiction texts.

Writer’s Workshop

 Persuasive Writing Unit – Writing for Many Purposes

To kick off this unit, the children and I listed several problems we’re seeing in the school and on the bus. Problems have ranged from running in the halls, to not cleaning up our toys properly, to being too noisy on the school bus. We learned you could write lists, letters, posters, signs, and books in order to solve problems.  We wrote a class letter and made a poster regarding a problem we’re seeing in Hawk: students being too loud in the hallways while others are trying to learn.  In the letter, we offered up solutions and reasons we should walk quietly through the halls.  Our poster is hanging proudly in our hallway. Hopefully it will be effective in keeping our hallways more peaceful! J 

The children have created their own posters to correlate with problems they’re seeing in and around Hawk. This will always be a writing option during this unit, though they will also try their hand at writing letters, books, and songs to convince others.


Last month, place value was met with excitement for most and posed a challenge for some. Hands-on materials (and games) were presented to math partners in order to provide extra practice.  Ten frames, bundles of “tens” cubes, popsicle sticks, etc. were some of the materials used.  The children should be able to determine that the number 12, for instance, consists of one group of 10 and 2 more. 

This month, the children will be working on composing and decomposing numbers, learning that there are several ways to make numbers, and understanding the operations of addition and subtraction (intro).

Important Dates

Hawk Literacy Festival : March 7th and 8th

Book Fair – AM class will go on March 5th (from 10:50am-11:20am).  PM class will go on March 8th (from 2:30pm-3:00pm). You are welcome to meet your child in the small gym at that time!

Class Picture Day J - Pack a Smile!! Tuesday – March 6th

I will be out of the classroom on Thursday afternoon – March 8th – in order to attend a district-wide kindergarten meeting.

Unless we have 2 more snow days, spring break will start on March 29th.  School will resume on April 9th.  Have fun!!

Think Spring!  Have a great month!

Kim J