Homework Policy


Learning is a lifelong adventure and takes place in many settings. Although I will not be sending regular homework assignments home here are some suggestions to help foster the love of learning as well as practice skills and concepts taught in school…


1. Read daily with and to your child.  As your child emerges as a reader allow them to  “show what they know”. Always discuss stories read and asking your child both literal and inferential questions about the book.


2. Complete any unfinished work sent home. Review and apply concepts taught in class.


3. Teach life skills (tying shoes, zipping jackets, etc.)


4. Enjoy family games that encourage cooperative play and strategic thinking.


5. Visit the library, local museums and historic sites that your child may show an interest in.

All students will periodically be given the opportunity to prepare for show & share projects at home in order to present them in class.

In addition, I will send home letter/sound and fine motor/handwriting activities on an as needed basis. 

Thank you in advance for your support with these activities!