Snack Time

Separation.pngSnack Time . . . yum!

Please send a small snack to school with your child everyday.  Snack time usually lasts 10-15 minutes and is a time I spend helping students finish up work, pack up their cubbies, and/or read a story. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to teach your child how to open and close bags, containers, juice boxes, etc. that you may be sending to school. 

     I spend the first week teaching the pinch, pinch, pull method (how to open bags of snacks), how to bang straw wrappers off, and use our snack scissors, but I appreciate any prior “training” at home.

     If your child goes to another program in the AM or PM it would be beneficial to work out a system that is easy for them to remember so they can differentiate between their Hawk Snack, secondary school snack, and their lunch.  Otherwise, some students end up eating everything in their morning class and are starving in the afternoon. 

   Due to allergies, I am unable to keep reserved snacks (as an emergency) in the classroom.  To avoid possible tears, I am suggesting you keep a snack in your child’s backpack that will last.  Tell them it is their emergency snack, which is only to be eaten if they have nothing else in their backpack.  Show your child where you are placing it and mark it with a big "E."  

I hope these tips are helpful!  Kindergartners take their snack time seriously!  

Please Note:  The following snacks have presented a problem in the past. It would be helpful if these snacks could be enjoyed at home. Yogurt in a tube (Gogurt), fruit cups with excessive amounts of juice, any snacks that contain nuts/peanut butter.

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