Welcome Letter

Welcome to Room 202! 

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Dear Kindergartener,


Hello! My name is Ms. Haberin and I will be your teacher at Maurice Hawk School this year. I hope you are having a wonderful summer! I have been busy getting our classroom ready for the first day of school. I cannot wait for you to see all the fun things we have to play with and all the amazing things that we will learn together! I hope you are as excited as I am for the school year! You are going to love it! J


On the first day of school, Wednesday, September 6th, I will meet you in our classroom, Room 202. Please have your parents make a name tag from sturdy paper that you can wear around your neck on a string, ribbon, necklace, etc. for the first week of school. Be sure to include your first and last name, my name, and the number of the bus you will be riding home (This will help in getting your child on the correct bus and ensure your child gets home safely). If you do not take a bus, please write walker on this tag.


If you live close enough to the school that a bus has not been assigned, or if you plan to pick your child up and drive them home on any given day, the protocol is as follows:


AM Parents: You will wait for your child right outside the doors at the front of the school.


PM Parents: Your child will meet you outside on the 2nd grade black top (if you are facing the school it is the door immediately around the corner on the right hand side of the building).




You will meet your child at the small gym (right near the nurse’s office) and sign your child out daily.  Please indicate your choice on your child's name tag by writing:  "Black top Walker" or "Small Gym Walker."

To help you get ready for Kindergarten, I have listed a few things you should bring with you:  On the 1stday of school: Wednesday, September 6th please bring the following:

  1. A family photo, labeled with your (child’s) name on the back. We will hang these in a special place so you can see your families’ smiling faces even when you are at school.
  2. A backpack that you are able to open, close and carry all on your own!  It should also be big enough to fit a hard covered library book. (Rough dimensions: 15 -16 inches tall by 10-13 inches wide.)
  1. small snack and drink to school everyday. Milk will be available for purchase beginning the first week in October. If you are interested in having your child buy milk, please click on the tab entitled: Milk Money Procedures on my home page for details.   PLEASE NOTE:  The following snacks have presented a problem in the past, it would be helpful if these snacks could be enjoyed at home:  Yogurt in a tube (Gogurt), Fruit cups with excessive amounts of juice, any snack containing nuts/peanut butter.  Please see the tab entitled: Snack on my home page for more details.  


On the SECOND day of school (September 7th) please bring:


  1. Please bring one box of CRAYOLA TWISTABLE crayons, the kind that you can roll up and down.  Be sure they have all the primary colors in the pack, no "fun effects" or "Slick Stix." 
  2. 1 LARGE glue stick
  3. AM CLASS ONLY: box of tissues, box of Ziploc freezer bags, and 1 hand pump soap
  4. PM CLASS ONLY: 1 hand pump hand sanitizer, 1 box of kid friendly band aids, and one small pack of THIN black dry erase markers (2-3 in a pack)
  5. Thank you!!


These will be communal supplies that we will share as a class throughout the year. We will discuss how to use these materials so they are well taken care of!



Once school begins, I will send home more information about our school lessons, days in which we will have physical education, library, and music, and all the other important things you’ll need to know. 


  I am so excited to meet you!  Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in September!


Ms. Haberin


**If you are assigned to a bus (but mom or dad decide they are going to pick you up) I must have a note from home.  Otherwise, I have to send you home on the bus.  This is effective from the first day of school to the last.  Thank you!! **


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