Homework Policy

Homework assignments will be given on a regular basis and will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Homework is usually not given on the weekends, however occasionally a weekend assignment will be given. Please provide your child with a quiet space to do their homework. A homework box in which your child keeps supplies for doing their homework would be helpful. Suggested items for a homework box include:

2-3 sharpened pencils
1 eraser
1 small box of crayons
1 glue stick
1 yellow highlighter
1 pair of children’s scissors

Your child should be able to complete Learning Center homework independently. Homework is assigned to reinforce and practice concepts your child has been taught in class. If your child needs help, please send me an email or write me a note to let me know so I can reteach or reinforce the concept at school. Please do not correct your child’s homework. It is important for me to see how your child works independently so I can provide them with additional support, if needed. If your child makes a mistake, suggest they recheck their work, however do not point out the specific error. If they do not locate the error, we will have them correct it in class.

Homework assignments must be completed and handed in on time. I understand unforeseen emergencies arise on occasion and homework may not be completed on time. If there is a problem and your child cannot complete an assignment on time, please email me or send me a note so I am aware of any issues. If your child fails to complete an assignment without communication from you, I will notify you by sending a note home for you to sign and return.

Your child’s Learning Center folder is marked “Right Return” and “Left Leave Home”. Your child will learn that homework needs to go into the “Right Return” section of the folder. Anything in the “Left Leave Home” section is yours to keep. Your child’s Learning Center Folder needs to come back to the Learning Center everyday and go home each night.

Thank you for your support!