Lunch & Snack

lunch owl

Every day we will have lunch and a snack time.  We will have a small afternoon snack in the classroom and eat lunch in the cafeteria around 11:30.

For lunch, each child may either bring a lunch from home or buy one from the cafeteria.  Please be sure to pack a fork and spoon as well as a napkin (no knives in lunchboxes. If something needs to be cut, please cut it before packing the lunch.)  Each child should also bring a drink for lunch if bringing lunch from home.

For snack time in the classroom, each child should bring a drink and a healthy food item.  Please no candy, sweets or chocolate.  Water bottles are allowed in the classroom; however please refrain from sending in glass bottles. Reusable bottles are preferred and strongly suggested are those with a flip-top spout and/or straw.  Open-top bottles and single-use bottles tend to get spilled often. Please also keep in mind that your child's water bottle should be just that, a child's bottle and should be between 12-14 ounces or smaller.  Adult bottles that are greater than 14 ounces are too heavy, often get dropped and can break little fingers if one lands on it. (This has happened!) At Town Center we have a water bottle refilling station, so if your child empties his water bottle, he can refill it.

Buying lunch will begin on the first day of school.  Your child may buy lunch, bring lunch and a drink from home or bring a lunch from home and buy milk.   Below are some frequently asked questions regarding lunch.  For more information and to find the lunch menu for the month, please refer to the district website Food Services

How much does lunch cost?
Lunch costs $2.65. The price includes a drink and a meal. Snacks are also available for purchase. If your child wishes to only purchase milk to accompany a meal brought from home, milk alone costs 50 cents.

How should I pay for my child's lunch?
There are a few options that you have when paying for lunch. The preferred way to pay is by using the My School Bucks account.  The link to this can be found on the district website, under "Parents & Students" then "Food Services."  You will need your child's Lunch PIN number (found on Genesis). Through this system you can deposit money into your child's account as well as track their account. Another option is to send in cash or a check with your child. The money must be in an envelope that states your child's name, grade, teacher and Lunch PIN number (found on Genesis). This money needs to be handed in at the start of the school day by your child and the cafeteria will place it into your child's account.

How long is lunch?
The lunch period is 40 minutes. 20 minutes of this time is for eating and the other 20 minutes is for recess. 

Can lunch be purchased on half-days?
No. The cafeteria is not open on half-days, therefore lunch is not sold. On half-days we will be eating lunch in the classroom. Reminders will be sent home to pack a lunch on such days.