What's New?
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November was a great month!

It's December; so what did we learn in November?

Reading: We continued to spend time learning reading strategies and how to solve harder words.  

Writing: We continued to work on our Small Moment Personal Narratives.

Math: We finished up our unit on counting from October and moved into patterns.  We learned how to create and identify patterns, what a "core" of a pattern is and how to label a pattern (ABAB...). After our unit on patterns, we began a unit on graphing and data analysis.  We learned how to tally up items using tally marks and a chart.  We learned how to read and create a picture graph and bar graph.  We also learned how to interpret the data on a graph.  We ended the unit with a big graphing project.  We each created our own survey question, asked the entire class, recorded the data in numbers and tally marks, created our own bar graphs then interpreted our data.  These are on display in the hallway.  Check them out when you come to see our winter concert in December.

Word Study: We have been practicing sight words and also learned about antonyms, synonyms and contractions.

Social Studies & Science: In social studies we learned about wants and needs, Thanksgiving, pilgrim life and Native American life and touched a little bit on long ago and today (we will go back to that in the spring as well).  

Thank you for all your support this month!