A Shining Star Day
Arrival and Morning Routines
*Welcome at the door
*Independent Routines: put chairs down; unpack backpack at desk; return home folders, notes,lunch count; put coat and lunch box in backpack; hang backpack on chair and begin jobs and morning work

​Class Meeting
Major Focus: Set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust.
*Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity, Flag Salute, Calendar Routines
*We read one chapter from our current read aloud. Children engage in accountable talk during our read aloud.

Inquiry Based Science and Social Studies- Wednesday and Thursday
Specials- Monday- Art, Tuesday and Friday- PE

Math Workshop
*enVision mathematics program by Scott Foresman- Addison Wesley
*TERC Investigations
*Problem Solving
*Math in Literature

20 minutes of eating followed by 20 minutes or recess

Bathroom Break
*5 minute bathroom break for the whole class after lunch

Shared Reading
Major Focus: Building comprehension and fluency with reading. Exposing children to a wide range of literature
Independent Reading
Major Focus: Building fluency as a reader; Allowing children to work with text most appropriate to their own reading levels; Building confidence in students as readers; Group work in Literacy Circles

Snack and Recess

Word Study and Penmanship
Major Focus: Enabling children to read, spell and use high frequency words correctly; Establishing the patterns necessary for decoding and spelling; Direct instruction of the correct formation of letters beginning with lower case a

Writing Workshop
Major Focus: Building fluency in writing; Employing the writing process; Refining and applying knowledge of phonics; Building confidence as a writer

Inquiry Based Science and Social Studies- Tuesday and Friday
Specials- Monday- Music, Wednesday- Media, Thursday- Music

Pack up and Dismissal