Welcome Letter
August 2018
Dear New Shining Star,

Hello and welcome to first grade. My name is Ms. Boyce, and I will be your teacher this year. "The Shining Stars" is our class nickname. Being a Shining Star is very special. You will soon find out why! We will have a wonderful adventure in learning together. I look forward to meeting you on September 6th- our first day of school. You can help me make our classroom cheerful with your artwork and sunny smile.

Our classroom number is B111. There will be parent and teacher helpers to assist you in finding our room in the morning and the bus after school for the first few days. Don't worry!

Please bring a healthy snack and drink everyday beginning on the first day of school. Our lunch is from 11:30AM-12:10PM daily and I know we will be hungry after that, so I have planned a snack time in the classroom. We will be eating lunch in the cafeteria starting the first day of school. The section of our web page titled Lunch/Snack, as well as the WW-P District website, will tell your parents all about the procedure for paying for lunches. You can also bring a lunch from home.

I have been taking advantage of the back-to-school sales so I have many things you will need here at school. I am making a special toolbox to help you keep everything organized. Some of the supplies waiting for you are crayons, scissors, glue, folders, and of course a new pencil and an eraser.

I would like you and your parents to shop for a few things which are listed on the Grade One home page. Please have your parents label everything with your name and room number as things tend to get mixed up in the communal world of first grade. Bring all of your supplies the first day of school.

To help us get to know one another better, please bring in an 18"x24" poster that tells about yourself. You may include things you like to do, anything that interests you, your pets, your summer vacation and, of course, your family! You can use photographs, ticket stubs or do your own drawings. Your family may help you make your poster. You will share your poster with the class, and they will be displayed all year for us to see. I will be talking about it with you during the first week of school. You can bring in your poster on September 11th or sooner if you have it done! Have fun!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation as I know I will. My children and I love to swim, camp, travel and visit Disney and National Parks. I wonder if I will still get butterflies in my stomach on the first day of school like I have since I was 5!

See you soon,
Ms. Boyce