Reader's Workshop



In Reader’s Workshop, we have been learning how to find “hot spots” when reading. Hot Spots are spots in a book a person is reading that pertain to what we are learning in class (reading strategies, etc.). The children have started to write responses to what they have read in their Reader Response Journals. We have also been learning strategies that help us as we read. These include rereading, making connections, reading the blurb on the cover of the book and chapter titles and moving through the whole word to figure out a tricky word.  We have chosen “cozy spots” in the classroom to sit in during independent reading time and are working on how to read with a partner.

We have also been reading A Boy Called Bat by Elana Arnold. It is part of our Global Read Aloud initiative. Many classes in our school, state, country and around the world are all reading this book at the same time. We discuss the book in class and are also asking and answering questions about the book and life in general with children in a third grade class in Egypt!! We are so excited for this opportunity to learn more about others and connect with them. Ask your child what the book is about so far!