Writer's Workshop

pencil 2

In Writer’s Workshop, the children are becoming amazing writers!  They have been working on ways to stretch their stories by adding dialogue, describing the setting, etc. We have been learning about different ways writers get ideas for writing. The children have learned that writers sketch moments, look at something to help ‘spark a memory’, think of special people, places and things, create heart maps, etc. in order to get ideas for writing. Ask your child which strategies they have used to get their ideas for writing. They have also completed their small moment stories focusing on one, small moment in their lives (a seed idea), not a big topic (a pumpkin). Just ask your child and they will be able to tell you all about the differences between a seed idea and a pumpkin idea! They are so excited about these stories and I am very proud of their hard work! We are now also learning how to use our favorite authors as mentors for our own writing.