A Summer Letter to My New Students

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Hello Everyone! August 2020

Welcome to 2nd Grade! My name is Mrs. Mansfield and I am going to be your new teacher.  I am so excited to meet you and to spend our year together at Town Center School! I hope you are enjoying the end of your summer vacation and that you are almost ready to come back to school. It will be a busy year full of learning and fun! I can't wait to get to know you! If you want to learn a little about me, then look at the page called "Meet Mrs. Mansfield".

         Please look on the 2nd Grade webpage or my page that says "2nd Grade Supply List".

I would also like you to bring:

  • a photograph of your family to hang up and share
  • your favorite book to share with the class on the 1st few days so we can all get to know each other.
  • a list of some things you did or places you went this summer. Ask your parents to help you think of things because this will help give you ideas to use to write your first "small moment" story for Writing Workshop.
  • an Art Smock - (old shirt or apron to protect your clothes)  in a gallon or large sized zip-lock bag with your name on it 

Although we are not sure if we will be doing "virtual learning" or not in September, I want to remind you that the 1st day of school is Monday, Sept. 8th and it is a full day this year. Lunch will be available for purchase in the cafeteria or you may bring your own. You may also bring a healthy snack to school. You will find our classroom on the 2nd floor of Town Center School in Room 204. 

There are many helpful things to read on this webpage which will tell you about our classroom and Town Center. Feel free to email me at: beth.mansfield@ww-p.org if you have any questions over the summer! I would love to hear from you! 

Enjoy your summer and I will see you soon! Love, Mrs. Mansfield
You can also start collecting/recycling some of the STEAM materials we need for our classroom. Check out the section called: Wanted: Steam Materials.