Details on Current Units of Study

Updated: July 2017

Reading: We will begin our year in reading with lots of "read-aloud" books and class discussions about friendship, celebrating our "uniqueness", teamwork, etc. Students will be reading a variety of books at various levels to stretch our reading muscles. We will get back into the good habits of reading by learning to read for longer and longer periods of time (building stamina), reading and discussing books with partners, reading poems with the class to improve our fluency (smoothness and expressiveness) in reading and much more! We will also begin recording our reading in reading logs and write about our reading on post-it notes and in our reading notebooks. READING LOGS GO BACK AND FORTH TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY and it is your child's most important homework.

Writing: Our first unit is Launching Writing Workshop and Small Moment Personal Narrative Writing. This means we will review all of the routines and expectations of Writing Workshop and become independent writers. We will learn about all of the tools we use for writing and where they are located in the classroom so that students can make their own decisions and make the most of each minute during writing time. We use pens to write with so that students don't spend time erasing. When they revise and edit, students will cross out mistakes or changes one time and keep on writing. This also allows us to see how their writing has changed and grown. We will write true stories about our lives and our main goal is to focus our story on "one small moment". We will learn how to write beginnings that grab the readers' attention, add details with dialogue, feelings, action and thinking to make our stories interesting, and write good endings that leave the reader with a good feeling. 

Math: We will spend some time reviewing basic math concepts and number sense. Then we will dive into our Place Value unit. We will learn that the value of a digit is determined by its place in a number. We will learn how to break numbers apart according to place value and how to show numbers in many different ways. We will also learn strategies to remember and improve our speed at solving single-digit addition and subtraction facts. We will take 5-minute timed tests on these facts throughout the year to help us solve as many facts as possible out of 100. We will use a program called to help us. I will send home a letter about this on how to use it at home. 

 Our first unit is called Balance and Motion. We will use hands-on activities to investigate how objects balance and move. We will work with spinning and rolling objects and even build our own roller coaster. This is an exciting way to learn how to be a scientist. We will make predictions, investigate by conducting our own experiments, gather data, discuss and write about our ideas, develop theories, build vocabulary and come to conclusions about these concepts. 

Social Studies: Our classroom will be learning about communities. We will learn that our school and our classroom are communities too and that if we work together as a team, we can accomplish our goals. We will learn about and how to use the 21st Century Competencies: Creative and Practical Problem Solvers, Collaborative Team Members, Self-Directed Learners, Effective Communicators, Information Literate Researchers and Globally Aware Citizens.

Word Study: Word Study is more than just spelling. It is learning the rules and patterns that we use to spell words, being able to sort words that go together and also making sure we understand the meaning of words. Each child will work on specific features that they need to learn. We will study each group of words in 2-week cycles. We will spend 3 periods a week in class on Word Study and there will be homework twice a week. Each "spelling" test has three scores. There will be a spelling score, a sorting score, and a rules/patterns score.

Cursive Handwriting: In second grade, we introduce cursive handwriting to the students in January. 

Count-On-Me-Kids, Guidance and Health: I will write an update when we begin these units.