Important Information
Welcome to Preschool! Here's some info you may need:

School Times

Regular School Day: 8:40-2:10

Early Dismissal: 8:45-1:00

Delayed Opening: 10:15-3:00


Parent Drop off and Pick Up

Every student is assigned a bus.  Please check your child's Genesis page for bus information.  If no information is listed please contact transportation for bus information.  They must take the bus home unless we hear from you.  Please write a note in the communication notebook if you plan on not having your child take the bus home.  If you are picking your child up before dismissal time of 3:15 you must sign your child out in the main office.  Please wait at the front office and we will bring your child down to you. Please do not come down to the classroom.  This can be very disruptive to the class.


If you are dropping your child off in the morning you must drop them off by 8:45.  Please wait outside the school.  This is school policy.  If you drop your child off after 8:45 you must sign them in at the main office. The office will page down to the classroom and an IA will come down to the office to bring your child to the classroom.  Please do not walk them down to the classroom.


Class List

Many parents have requested contact information about other students in the class for birthday parties, play dates, etc. Please fill out the class list form to indicate if you would like to be included on the class list and send it back to school. The class list will be distributed to parents in my class only.


Communication Notebook

Please check your child’s notebook every night.  Please remember that the notebook is not to be used for a daily progress report, but for a head’s up on out of the ordinary circumstances. 


Closings and Delays

Information about closing and delays will be posted on the district website (, the township cable stations, and the district main telephone number: 609-716-5000.


Labeling Items

Please make sure you label your child’s belongings such as their book bag, lunch box, hats, gloves, jackets, etc.  Labeling your child’s belongings will make them easier to locate if items get misplaced.



If you are sending money to school for lunch, book orders, PTA, etc. please put the money either in an envelope or sealed zip lock bag.  Do not send money or checks loose in a folder or book bag.  Also please label what the money is for.


Early Dismissal Days

There are some early dismissal days scheduled throughout the school year.  During an early dismissal day students are dismissed from school at 1:00.  No lunch will be served.  The students will be having snack only.


Parent Teacher Conferences Conferences will be held in October.  Please refer to the school calendar for conference dates.  Students will have an early dismissal at 1:00 during conference days.  Please remember that conferences are adult only times.  Please make arrangements for students and siblings.  More information about conferences will follow. 


Report Cards

Report cards are given out 3 times a year.   Report cards will be sent home for you to review.  Please sign the envelope under the given marking period and return only the sign envelope back to school.  You may keep the report card for your records. 


Home Visits

You can receive up to 6 hours for the school year.  Home visits will be after school.  Home visits last between  1-2 hours depending on the need of the visit.  Past home visit topics that were helped with were self-care skills, setting up an independent play schedule or daily routine schedule, helping to improve behavior at home, etc.  Please contact me if you would like a home visit.  


Snack and Lunch

We will be having snack in the classroom everyday.  Please pack a healthy nut-free snack and drink for your child daily.  If your child’s snack needs utensils please remember pack them. We do not provide utensils at snack time.


We will be having lunch in the cafeteria. If you are packing your child's lunch they must have all lunch items (food and drink) in a lunch bag.  The student must be able to carry the bag down to the lunchroom by themselves. You can also have your child purchase lunch or milk only. Please let me know if you would like your child to purchase lunch or milk.  If you would like to place money into your account to allow your child to utilize this cash-free system, there are two ways to deposit funds.

The first method is to send a check or cash to school.  The money will be deposited into your child’s account.

The second method is to deposit money into your child's account by visiting the my school bucks website.  Please visit where you can transfer money into your child’s account.


**Please check your child’s lunch account on When sending in cash or checks for lunch, if you do not want your child to buy snacks, please mark on the envelope “LUNCHES ONLY”.  Also if paying by check, please make the check payable to “Town Center Cafeteria”. Lunch menus are available online on the district website. (we follow the grades 1-3 lunch menu)  If you would like your child to eat something different then the hot lunch on the menu please let me know.  


We cannot heat foods at school or keep them cold.  My suggestion is to pack your child’s lunch in a thermos if the foods are to be kept hot and pack an ice pack in their lunch box to keep foods cold.  Also please remember to pack utensils/napkins for your child.  We do not supply them.


Outside Play

During the school year we try to play outside everyday, weather permitting.  Please make sure you dress your child in the appropriate footwear for outside play.  Sneakers and socks are best.  Also is it recommended for girls to wear shorts or pants under their skirts to dresses.


Gym Class

The students will be having gym class each week.  Your child must wear sneakers that has velcro or tie laces during those days.  No flip flops, sandals, backless shoes, slip on shoes, boots, or dress shoes are allowed.  Your child must be wearing shorts or pants. No skirts or dresses please.  If your child is not dressed appropriately they will not be allowed to participate in gym class.



Each week the students will be able to borrow a book from the school library.  Students are allowed to borrow one book for the week. The book must be returned before or on their library day in order to be able to pick out a new book.  Most students pick out a book that has a fun or favorite character on the cover.  They might not be able to read the book or be able to listen to the whole book at once. I do encourage reading the book to your child if they are willing.  Even one page a night from the book is a great start in learning to attend during a read aloud.



The students will be having music class each week.  They will learning about music instruments and learning new songs.  Get ready for your child to share all the wonderful songs they will be learning! 



The students love celebrating their birthdays in school. Parents are not allowed to send in food items.  This is a district wide policy.    

In celebration of your child’s birthday parents are invited to do the one of the following:

*share a favorite book with the class

*organize a simple craft for the class to do

*bring a special object to school to share with the class

*create a poster showing interests and activities

*any other great idea to celebrate their unique talents, interests, hobbies, family and or connections


You may also consider non-edible items such as pencils, stickers, small toys, etc. to share with the class.


Please let me know ahead of time if you would like to do this. **If your child has a summer birthday (July/August) and you wish is celebrate in school during the month of June please let me know.  


WW-P Twitter System   

You can sign up for the WW-P Twitter System, which is used to deliver emergency messages.

If you would like to receive these messages or discontinue receiving them, please follow these directions:

·From your cell phone, send a text: “follow WWP_Notices” to 40404. Do not use the quotation marks and there is a space between ‘follow” and ‘WWP_Notices.”

·To remove the notices from your cell phone:  Send a text message “STOP” twice in succession to 40404, which will delete you from Twitter. Do not use the quotation marks.


Classroom Website 

Lots of information about classroom happenings can be found on this site.  To access the website click link on the link above or follow directions below.

  • go to main website
  • click under parents and students
  • click teacher web pages
  • click grades K-3
  • click Town Center teachers
  • click grade level
  • click preschool
  • click Ms. King


School Supplies

Please check the classroom website for the list of school supplies that your child will need for the school year.


I look forward to a fun, exciting, and successful year with your child! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.