Small Group Counseling

Groups are open to 1st and 2nd  graders.  Students will be grouped based on their grade level.  Groups meet weekly, for 8 sessions during a time that works with teacher schedules.

Small Group Counseling:  Social Skills 

The following groups are designed to increase children’s social skills. The groups will provide an opportunity for members to learn and practice communication skills, discuss feelings, share ideas, and practice new behaviors.  Concepts will be taught through discussion, activities, and games. 

Gator Pals: This group is for students who would benefit from working on social skills, and/or have difficulty with impulse control and decision making.  We will also work to increase students’ self esteem. 

Building Buddies:  This group is for students who would benefit from working on social skills in order to build stronger friendships.  We will explore qualities of healthy friendships, learn conversation starters, and practice skills to create new/strengthen current friendships.

Small Group Counseling:  Topic Groups

Based on student-need, I form and run different groups throughout the year.  These groups are formed to address the needs of students with similar needs.  If there is a specific need that you think would be best addressed in a group setting, please feel free to contact me.

Topics I might cover include:

  • Coping Skills - anxiety, anger
  • Divorce Support
  • Self Esteem

If you would like your child to participate in a group, please contact me by email at or phone at (609) 716-8330 X6508

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