Important Information

  Important reminders

*Please remember to label your child’s jackets, book bag, extra clothes etc. so that they do not get misplaced. 


*When sending in lunch money, please make sure that your child’s name, teacher’s name and student number are written on the envelope or baggie. 


Extra clothes:  We will be working to provide many hands-on activities as well as self-care skills (bathroom, feeding routines etc.)  We will do our best to keep the students as clean as possible for you!  However, clothes may need to be changed from time to time.  We would like to keep a change of clothes (season appropriate) in school in your child’s cubby.  If for some reason your child has to change clothes (accident, dirty etc.) we will send home the dirty set that day.  Please make sure to send in a new set with your child so we can replace the old one.


Parent/Staff communication:  Please continue to use email or your child’s communication notebook to let us know of any important information.  I will write or email back to you as soon as possible!  During the day we are with your children, therefore, it may be difficult to respond to an email during class time.  Please be assured that I will be in contact with you as soon as I can.


Birthday Parties:  Although birthday parties are a fun and special time, it is district policy that these celebrations do not include food items.  If you would like your child to celebrate his or her birthday with his/her classmates, we can come up with other alternatives.  Some of these may include stickers, pencils, small toys, a favorite book to be read etc.  Please contact me and we can work together to make to come up with a special way to celebrate your child’s birthday!


Absences:  If you know at any time your child will be absent or coming in late, please let me know.  You also will need to call in to the Tel Safe program so we know that your child will be absent from school.


Snack:  Students will have a short snack time each day in the classroom.  Please make sure to send in a nutritious snack with your child each day.