Writer's Notebook



As part of our writing program, all of our 3rd grade students keep a Writer’s Notebook. The notebook is a vehicle that is used to help the students begin to see themselves as writers. It is also a place where they can begin to collect ideas for their writing.

Soon your child will begin taking home his/her Writer’s Notebook for homework assignments. As the notebooks begin to go back and forth from school to home, we appreciate your help in implementing the following expectations.

·       All written work should be dated and written in the notebook in a sequential order.

·       Entries should show evidence that your child is trying out all strategies being introduced in class. 

·       Notebooks should be free of teacher and parent corrections. Suggestions for changes(edits/revisions) should be written on a post-it and not written the notebook.

·       Students should reread their writing when they are done and make any edits that they notice are needed.

·       Capitals and correct punctuation should be used in all entries.

·       If the Writer’s Notebook is sent home for homework, it should be brought back to school the next day.

 Your children are very excited about their notebooks. Thank you for your help creating enthusiasm at home as well. As they share their writing with you, compliment them on things you notice they are doing well. It will encourage them as young writers.

 Thank you for your help in this process.