Reading Workshop
Reading Workshop is a time where students will develop and strengthen their reading skills.  Students will begin to view themselves as a reader.  Reading Workshop is broken into many different parts. 

Interactive Read-Alouds
Students will be exposed to wonderful literature that is rich in language and vocabulary.  Students will be introduced to many different authors.

Shared Reading
Students will watch, join in with, and echo the teacher reading a wide range of materials such as big books, morning message and poetry.   This is a time when thinking aloud will be used to demonstrate the reading process. 

Small Group Work/Guided Reading
Students will receive direct instruction of skills and strategies with in a small group setting.  These skills will promote fluency and independence in reading.  

Independent Reading
Students have the opportunity to apply the strategies and skills that they have learned in read-alouds and guided reading.  Students will learn how to select books that are "just-right" and read independent.