Human Body Systems

This science unit will introduce the students to the human body and the systems that work together to help us survive! Human Body Systems encompasses third grade science and health standards.  The unit focuses on how our systems function together to keep us healthy and alive!  In addition to discovering the body systems, we also learn about the human life cycle, nutrition, exercise and personal safety.  Exploring using the senses is integral to all science units in third grade as the students develop their observational skills and record their findings using descriptive language.  The following systems will be studied:



Rocketing out of this world!!  As young astronomers, you will be introduced to space and study many of its characteristics! Our unit discovers the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, and more!  We begin the unit by considering theories from ancient times to understand how different civilizations viewed the sky.  Astronomers will observe the eight phases of the moon as they record the cycle in their moon log!  We will learn vocabulary like waxing, waning, crescent, gibbous, orbit, rotate, revolve and more.  Through many activities our understanding of the universe will grow!  A highlight to this unit is the Star Lab!  Through a grant from the WWPEA, students will observe the night sky during the day.  Thank you, WWPEA, for bringing this amazing experience to the district’s third graders!


In this unit, students will identify five unknown solids by conducting tests to discover the physical and chemical properties. Students will expand their understanding through experimentation, forming hypothesis based on data collected and analyzing their results. Through their understanding of these chemicals and their properties, students apply this knowledge to their daily interaction with chemicals.