Art Room FAQ 

What kind of smock should my student bring to art?
The best kind of smock is an old t-shirt, with a Zip-Lock bag with the student's name. 

Why don't I have my student's artwork?
If your student did not get his or her artwork back, there could be a few reasons! Your student may have forgotten to write his or her name on their project, which has delayed the return. Sometimes students do not finish their artworks on time, so another scenario could be that the student's artwork is still in the art room and will be finished when there is free time or a make-up day in class. Another reason students may not have received their artwork is because I often hold onto artwork for hallway displays, future art fundraisers, and the art show. If your student's art is in the art show, you will get an e-mail about it later in the school year. After the art shows and fundraisers are over, students will get their artwork back!

Can I volunteer in the art room?
I love this question! If you are interested in volunteering in the art room please e-mail me. I would be happy to have your help!

I hear that art teachers love containers and things for organizing supplies. What types of things make great donations?
It is a major help to the art room to receive practical donations. Baby wipes containers make spectacular containers for art supplies! As do take-out containers. Newspaper is always appreciated as well! Foam or plastic egg cartons are great for holding liquid paints. Feel free to recycle here in the art room!

How do you grade students in art? Can you even grade elementary students in art?!
Great questions. I must give students grades in art class. Projects are graded and scored based on the measurable objectives of a lesson. It is important that the student demonstrates that they are learning the content of the art lesson. Messiness is something I understand! I grade based on knowledge and whether the students demonstrate an understanding of the lessons content, and if the student is able to apply what they have learned in the art room. I also give students daily points in art class. This is in a plus, check, and minus scale. These scores are given based on student behavior in the art room. A check is the norm, meaning the student did a good job. A plus is exemplary; the student may have been an excellent example to others and may have greatly contributed in clean up and other things. A minus indicates that the student made poor choices in art class. A student may receive a minus if he or she does not follow directions, purposefully misuses art supplies, or is not cooperative with classmates. If there are ever any questions about your students daily grade or project grades, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I am more than happy to explain anything.