2nd Grade Lunch Bunch

This year, students in 2nd grade have the opportunity to sign up for Lunch Bunch.  Lunch Bunch is a one-time group that meets during the lunch period.  The group will consist of approximately 6 second grade students.  The children will be picked up from the cafeteria and brought to the counseling office where we will talk as we eat our lunches.  After we eat, we will play games and do fun activities.  Lunch Bunch is an option for all 2nd grade students and they get to decide whether they would like to sign up or not.  No child is forced to come to Lunch Bunch if they do not want to.  Lunch Bunch gives the children an opportunity to visit the counseling office in a fun and exciting way.  I look forward to a lot of fun lunches this year!  

                               Cartoon Kids.png