Instrument Families

Instrument Families!

In this lesson you will learn about four different categories (or
 families) of musical instruments.  Begin by watching the video
 below about a boy named George who visits an orchestra. As you
 watch, try to remember the names of the four instrument families
 and how the instruments in each family are played.

Click on the link to watch video:

Wow that was funny! Lets review what we learned:

1.) String instruments are instruments that use strings to make sound

2.) Woodwinds are instruments that you blow into 

3.) Brass instruments are instruments that you buzz into (with your lips together)

4.) Percussion instruments are instruments that you hit, shake, or hit with a stick

Now lets use our new knowledge!  In the video below, you will learn how to make 4 instruments using simple objects in your house. Try to figure out which family each instrument belongs to: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, or Percussion. This is tricky because none of these instruments were in the orchestra video you just watched. Can you figure it out all by yourself? Good luck!

Click on the link to watch video:

Just for fun:

If you want to, try make an instrument out of things at your house!  You could recreate one of the instruments in the video, or you could try to invent a new one!