Dismissal Procedure
Updated Dismissal Procedures for Parent Pick-Up at Dutch Neck School

Please review the updated parent pick-up procedures in order to provide a safer and more organized setting.


Students who are being picked up by a parent or guardian or other designee must have a note brought to school at thestart of the school day. Calls and/or e-mails should NOT be made during the school day to change pick-up arrangements, unless it is an emergency. Parent pick-up students are dismissed to the gym. Parents should enter the gym from the side door closest to the gym.   The doors will be opened at 3:15.


If you are not typically parent pick-up, please follow the guidelines below:


Parent MUST send in a note containing the following information:

1)      Student's teacher

2)      First and last name of the student

3)      Date

4)      First and last name of who will be picking the student up (IN PRINT)


Sample Parent Pick-Up Note:

Teacher: Mrs. Dutch

Dexter Dragon will be parent pick-up today, 12/4. He will be picked up by Mr. Dragon. 

Thank you.

Mr. Dragon


If the student does not have a note with all of the above information, he/she will not be released to anyone at parent pick-up. The child will be sent to the Main Office. 


The adult will need to show a picture ID and the ID must match the name on the parent pick-up note.


If several students are being picked up by one adult, that adult's name should be on each child's note. That parent will have to sign out each child.