Lesson Format

What happens during Reading Recovery Lessons?                         girl reading

Each lesson consists of:

  • re-reading of familiar stories
  • reading yesterday's new book while the teacher takes a running record 
  • letter recognition and word work using magnetic letters
  • composing and writing a story
  • assembling a cut-up story 
  • reading a new book
  • The teacher demonstrates problem solving strategies and provides just enough support to help the child develop effective reading and writing strategies as independently as possible.
  • Each Reading Recovery lesson incorporates the five components identified by the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act as essential in a comprehensive instructional program in reading.  The five components are:
  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics instruction
  • fluency instruction
  • vocabulary instruction
  • text comprehension
  • Accelerated learning is possible because Reading Recovery teachers base their instruction on carefully documented daily observations of what the child already knows about reading and writing.  This is an efficient approach that allows all future instruction to work from the child’s strengths.
  • There are two possible outcomes after a full series of Reading Recovery lessons, both positive:

    1.The child makes accelerated progress and continues to grow thereafter with classroom instruction (nationally 8 of 10 children successfully complete lessons).

    2. Additional evaluation is recommended and further action may be initiated to help the child continue to make progress. Reading Recovery’s diagnostic teaching helps identify children who need more help and provides a documented record of the child’s knowledge and strengths as a base for future teaching. 
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