Suggestions For Home

How can I help my child be a successful reader and writer?

At home

  • Encourage development of your child's oral language by:
    *speaking to your child
    *reading to your child
    *listening to your child
  • Read challenging books to your child and discuss them with your child 
  • Listen to your child read ‘just right’ books and discuss the books with your child

  Before you read to your child

  • Talk about the title
  • Look at the cover and some of the illustrations
  • Make some predictions about what you both think will happen

During your reading

  • Share what you are thinking as you read
  • Balance the conversation to keep the story going
  • React to what is happening
  • Make and revise predictions

After Reading

  • Have a short conversation (not a pop quiz)
  • Share your thoughts and questions
  • Encourage your child to share his/her thoughts and questions

(Adapted from A Coordinator’s Guide to Help America Read:  A Handbook for Volunteers and Help America Read by G. Pinnell and I. Fountas, 1997, Portsmouth, NH:  Heinemann and parent presentat

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