Win-Win Guidelines
It is normal for young children to get into arguments with their peers. This is their time to learn how to navigate their social world.  At Maurice Hawk School, all children are taught to deal with their developmental conflicts using the Win-Win Guidelines.  They are called the Win-Win Guidelines because if used correctly, everyone is satisfied with the solution!
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Step 1: Cool off
Step 2: Use an I-Message to tell the other person how you feel
Step 3: Brainstorm solutions 
Step 4: Choose the solution that you both like

What is an I-Message?
An I-Message is a statement that is used to tell someone how you feel without blaming the other person.

I feel ________________ when you ________________.  I want _______________.

I feel angry when you take that toy away from me.  I want you to ask me if you want to use it next time.