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           Typing Agent

Dear Parents, 

My name is Darron Brown, and I am the third grade computer teacher at three elementary schools in West Windsor-Plainsboro. I am excited to share with you the news that Typing Agent will again be used as part of the third grade computer curriculum. Typing Agent has great lessons designed to get the most out of your child’s keyboarding skills while meeting Common Core State Standards. It also reinforces spelling skills, grade level words, and educational knowledge. Teachers can track progress, give assignments, and let students play fun, engaging games that build typing speed and accuracy.

Each student will be given a password, which they can use to login at home.  Some of the passwords are tricky, so they may need assistance logging in. Once they login they can click on the Social button to check their Spy Mail and see their first mission. Over the course of the year, they will be asked to complete Agent Lesson Training at home. Please allow time for them to practice! These are not graded assignments, but they are important skills the students will need for the completion of the PARCC assessment in April. You can check on their progress by clicking on the My Agent Reports button. The Agent Lesson Training requires 85% accuracy to move on to the next test, so please remind your child to relax and use the proper form. We are striving for students to type 20 WPM by March. Typing is an extremely important 21st-century skill. If we work together, I am sure we can help your child reach their goals.

Below are the suggested due dates for Agent Lesson Training. If you finish a unit early please try the unit again with a towel over your hands or work on one of the bonus missions. Click on the Social button and check your Spy Mail for Bonus mission assignments! 


Unit 1 – November 5th

Unit 2 – December 3h

Unit 3 – January 7th

Unit 4 – February 4th

Unit 5 – March 11th

Unit 6 & 7– April 15th

Unit 8 & 9 – May 20th

Unit 10 –June 17th

Student Login
Go to:wwprsd.typingagent.com
Username - (Use login card given in September)
Password -(Use login card given in September)

For more information go to:


Happy Typing!

Mr. Brown