Ms. Nutt


All About Miss Nutt:

I grew up with three older brothers in Hopewell.  I enjoyed being a part of the community and spent a lot of time with my neighbors.  My family opened a small restaurant in Titusville called It's Nutt's, and although we don't own it anymore, it is still up and running!

I spent many of my nights attending dance classes, and many more weekends performing with my dance studio.  I truly enjoy being able to incorporate movement throughout my day, and incorporate this into the classroom as much as possible.

My degree in Early Grades and Special Education was earned at West Chester University, where I continued to dance.  I was able to take this skill to assist in teaching an adapted dance camp to students with disabilities.  

Currently, I am back at West Chester for my graduate degree in special education with a concentration in Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology.

I am excited to be a part of the Maurice Hawk team, and I am truly grateful to be able to help your children learn and grow.