Multiplication Hints / Strategies

Multiplication Hints / Strategies


The best way to know your multiplication facts is simply to memorize them..... Knowing something by heart is the most efficient/quick way of answering a multiplication problem.

However, just an learning lines for a play, or words to a song, or moves for a dance, that takes time and a lot of repetition.  So what do you do in he meantime if you have to figure out the answer to a multiplication problem?  Well, I suggest using one or more of the following hints to quickly calculate a product.

The following table will not help you memorize the answers to a times table, but they will help you find the products more quickly by showing you hints that cut doen the time needed to calculate the answers.  Over time, students will eventually memorize the products instead of figuring them out time and time again.  I know this works - my own daughter is a great example.  She has learned her times tables with the assistance of these hints, some hard work and lots of repetition .

X Tables

Also, another great resource can be found at the following website:
Dad's Worksheets - 8 Simple rules

This link will bring you to a great website where you can see and print lots of practice multiplication sheets for your child to use - by different levels or times tables.  An extremely valuable site that I have used with my own children.

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