Specials Schedule
Gym: We have gym twice a week with Ms. Kellerman. Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers! 

Music: We go to music to sing and play instruments! Our music teacher is Ms. Bowen. 

Art: You will need a smock for art class.  This could be an adult's old button down shirt.  It should be large for your child.  Please label your smock with your name.  The smock will be kept in school all year.  Your child will bring home projects as they are completed, not each week. Our art teacher is Ms. Waller. 

Your child will be allowed to bring home two library books from the school library.  These might not be books that your child can read on his/her own or may be picture books that he/she choose for fun.  Please read the books with your child. On library day, your child is required to return the books from the previous week. If no book is returned, no new book will be brought home. Our Media Specialist is Mrs. Brooks. 

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